Gig Review: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. The Garage. N1.

Posted Monday 25th March, 2013 by Dan Kreeger

Uncle Acid have built up a cult following since their self-released 2010 album 'Vol 1' and  the music press would have you believe that this is the UKs most elusive band. They've self released another album since Vol 1, 'Blood Lust' and re-released that again due to demand. Albums trade for exorbitant amounts online and information is scarse.

The Cambridge based Hammer Horror loving psych-rock band announced their first live dates proper last year and the Internet went berserk- well, mine did. I've never bought tickets to a gig so far in advance. Eight months in advance. Their music treads on the right side of homage (somehow avoiding cod-rock campness, despite an obviously fun sense of humour) and combines such a wide variety of influences, that it appeals to a broad fan base. Mystery frontman Uncle Acid himself leads the way and this is most definitely his devil-child offspring. He wails and hollers with an obvious love for his forebearers. He also loves a good guitar solo. If it wasn't obvious from the records, seeing them live just confirms this- if you're not a fan of noodling, then you might struggle with his two minute long fret heroics!

The band have been embraced by the rock community at large. I belong to a strata of this community that I'll call the 'middle-age faker' and should probably take my converse and turn-up jeans towards the front of the crowd, but I'm past the point in my life where someone else's hair in my face and beer on my t-shirt is a good thing. You need some serious dedication to be rock- I wimped-out years ago, but a trickle of bat blood still coarses through these veins! Yet you'll notice my photo from the gig is taken from the back of the room.

The variety in the set kept things interesting- it ranged from the thrashy end of the spectrum to sludgy doomy stuff. A few new numbers, but most of the set came from the first two albums. Uncle acid on lead guitar and vocals was joined by bass, rhythm and drums- no more no less. The band gave a humble and pretty reserved performance. I was expecting theatrics and pyrotechnics, but got a straightforward gig which focused on getting it right and no frills. Very little chat, no nonsense. The only real concession to humour was in his opening refrain, "strange to be here," uttered in a spooky Vincent price voice.

The gig could have done with a little more fun and celebration. I'm willing to concede this might be down to lack of experience and a little nerves, but at least they got the basics right with aplomb. I guess after 8 months of waiting for a gig to come round, the likelihood of a little disappointment is high. Don't get me wrong, I loved it. I just wanted (black) magic.

I want to see these guys play in a year and I guarantee I'll have more fun. In the meantime, if you like music that sounds like it's risen from a crypt, injected with snake venom and turned up to eleven, you should check out Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats.

Latest Single POISON APPLE

First Album VOL 1

Second Album BLOOD LUST