Is Anyone Not For Sale?

Posted Monday 8th July, 2013 by Sascha Darroch Davies

I have to say, I'm left with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth following the recent move by Jay Z to hand over his new album to Samsung for a whopping $5M three days before retail release. What makes it even worse is the insistence by Mr Carter and (or) his record company, that despite previous RIAA regulation the "sales" be recognised immediately (rather than the standard 30 days) in order to give immediate platinum status before the albums official release. 

It's a smart campaign no doubt, he has manipulated the system,guaranteed he profits from the album and created more than enough media huff-puff. But I can't fathom why Jay Z is so concerned with chart positions and platinum status. These are Old World measuring sticks! He is/was arguably the most credible and successful rap artist in the world, so wouldn't it have been far more interesting and forward thinking and exciting, to stick it to the man and release the album without the aid of corporate intervention. Hey, do a Radiohead, just give the thing away. Give the thing away AND a concert ticket to the 1st million who download it. Imagine if he'd said "I was offered $5M by Samsung for this, but i've decided to give it away to my fans directly."I may be wrong but I'd hazard a guess that $5M, isn't going to make much of a dent in his bank account, and no one apart from the desperate record company dinosaurs give a shit about chart positions really.

It's a sad day that when one of the very few artists who (despite being a multimillionaire megastar) still had some street credentials, seemingly some sense of where he came from, didn't just rhyme about bitches and rims, still actually had something to say, then crumbles and joins the ranks of sell out. I can't listen the album yet without thinking this is paid for by my fucking fridge.

Is there no one left who isn't for sale?