Review Of 2012: John's Picks.

Posted Monday 17th December, 2012 by John Connon

Best Album: Vessel "Order Of Noise"

At a time when many electronic producers seem to have aligned themselves with the resurgence of techno, driven by the likes of Blawan and Objekt, few have managed to craft truly original productions. That, however can not be said for Bristolian Sebastian Gainsborough aka Vessel, bringing us one of the most unique electronic albums of the year. It's an album difficult to define, with a distinctive palette of sounds, amalgamating dub, techno, ambient and industrial genres; but certainly one of the most engaging listens of 2012.

Listen to "Silten" HERE


Track Of The Year: Joe "R.E.J."

Joe has always had a way with rhythm and percussion but he manages to excel that of his previous work on his latest offering, "R.E.J." With a tantalizing vibraphone lick, shuffling drums and masterful bass line Joe manages to keep the listener in the dark throughout, taking twists and turns in the most unconventional manner.

Listen to "R.E.J." HERE


Gig Of The Year: Raime At Unsound Festival

Set in the Engineering Museum, a former tram depot in the centre of Krakow, Raime performed their trademark industrial sonic landscapes to a captive audience accompanied by the most mesmerising visuals I have seen. Their set built satisfyingly slow without testing the crowd's patience, perfectly soundtracking the beautifully cinematic film projected behind them.

Watch footage from Raime's set HERE