Dean Karnazes

  • Original Music for Powerade / Anonimo, Mexico / ACA Films / Fergus Stothart

Mr Karnazes is the ultra marathon man. As the ad will confirm, he has previously run 50 marathons in 50 days, he also once ran 3 days non-stop without sleep. You wont be surprised to learn that he needs water to keep him going, but not just any water, water with ions in.  Not that we'd doubt this of course, no no, and anyway, we're here to make stuff sound nice not question things. (except when people say 'can you just make it sound cool?', then we ask serious questions). And thus we set about composing a slice of moody, contemporary electronica which we think works very nicely with the dynamo-like Karnazes' journey across California as filmed by the fantastic Fergus Stothart at ACA Films.

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