Buy a Lady a Drink

  • for Stella Artois & / Mother London

To raise awareness of the global water crisis, Stella Artois have launched their first global social impact campaign alongside Water.Org, championed by Co-Founder Matt Damon, The "Buy a Lady a Drink” campaign aims to raise awareness and provide solutions. Shot in the Luo region in Kenya, the film tells the compelling story of how access to clean water relieved Elizabeth from having to walk hours each day to collect water for her family, allowing her the time to tap into her natural talents and work as a seamstress for her community. We were briefed to compose a piece of music inspired by the unique sound originating from the Luo region, which posed an interesting challenge. Fortunately the solution lay closer to home as we collaborated with the critically acclaimed London/Nairobi based Owiny Sigoma Band. Utilising Owiny’s mastery of traditional Kenyan instrumentation, notability the Nyatiti an 8 stringed Lyre, we produced this, so... go buy a lady a drink!

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