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As an audio branding agency, we have a long history in helping brands shape their sonic identity. From crafting music and sound design for physical spaces to creating memorable brand tracks and sonic logos, we can find and implement the right sonic branding strategy to express a brand’s authentic voice.

We help your brand find the right sound, which will:

Boost brand recognition & recall

Help you connect with your customers on an emotional level

Set your brand apart from the competition

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In the guide you can learn:

  • How sonic branding works
  • It’s effectiveness
  • Why sound will continue to become increasingly vital to brand identity in the years to come

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Adelphoi Music is an award-winning music and audio branding agency, based in London and Amsterdam. Accredited by the Audio Branding Society, our team works with clients in the UK, USA, Europe and worldwide to build sonic branding strategy that help brands find their authentic sound.

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Which clients have you worked with?

We have worked with a number of global clients including Gillette, Sky News, UPC, Aldi and Norwegian Air. In addition, we have helped find creative music solutions for thousands of branded campaigns including Amazon, Uber, HSBC, Nike and BMW.

How do you create an audio strategy?

The audio strategy comes from the meeting of three key elements:

  • research, laying the foundations for our understanding of the brand, its competitors, and the category as a whole;
  • dialogue with the brand (e.g. through moodboards), to build consensus, and make sure we're on the right track;
  • musical expertise – not just the technical nuts and bolts of how music works, but a full and nuanced knowledge of the modern musical landscape.

How does your pricing model work?

Our pricing model is designed to be flexible, to suit a variety of budgets. We are able to scale production and source talent within a number of price ranges from sample-based composition to recording with the Philharmonic Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios.

What are the benefits of audio branding?

Like visual branding, an audio identity is an emblem and a focus for consumers' feelings about the brand – feelings which accumulate over the long term, and give the brand a chance to build on its past successes. Using sound amplifies the impact of existing brand assets, and extends the brand's reach into audio-only formats like radio. Best of all, it takes advantage of audio's unique properties – its power of association and unconscious evocation, its memorability, and its intimate connection with the emotions.

What’s your process?

In a word, modular. Every project can take a different form, but we always start with the strategy. With the strategy in place, we have modules for new music composition (in-house or independent artists), music searches and playlists, creation of UX navigation sounds, and consumer testing.

How long does it take for an audio identity to work?

Most brands find that it takes a year or two before people begin to recognise a new audio identity, and somewhat longer for it to be reliably attributed. The key variable here is exposure – how often, how consistent, and on what media. In fact, even before it reaches that level of familiarity, it is still 'working' – conveying implicit messages about the brand, even if they're not consciously perceived. But it is as the identity matures over time that the real benefits are seen.