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    A Little More Conversation

    The Pressure of Sales

    A Little More Conversation 

    A mental health podcast for the Advertising Industry.

    A Little More Conversation is a breakthrough podcast created to promote honest and meaningful discussions about mental health within the Advertising Industry, brought to you by Lacyn Clarke and Chloe Heatlie at Adelphoi Music. Together with special guests, they explore some hard-hitting issues that we all might face in our careers in order to amplify the conversation surrounding mental health and well being.  

    “The motivation for the podcast came about during lockdown when Chloe and I found ourselves in a really low place, the industry at the time was looking bleak and our then very sociable, busy roles had been shrunk into a series of glitchy, uneventful, zoom meetings and presentations from our kitchen table. We were missing a community, a place to share our fears, our struggles and to learn from each other.” Lacyn Clarke, Adelphoi Music.

    In the first episode of A Little More Conversation, they discuss ‘The Pressure of Sales’ with Georgie MacEchern, Head of Sales & PR at Caviar and Cianán Curran previous new business rep and now co-founder of Pathfinder Coaching and Development practice. Together they share their experiences and observations of Mental Health, in a frank and open conversation about burnouts, addiction, the postman, meditation, and what we can do to look out for each other when the ‘new normal’ returns.

    “I felt very honoured to be asked to come on board for Adelphoi’s first podcast for their “A Little More Conversation” Series. Mental Health is a very important subject matter that needs more exposure in our industry and being a massive advocate of both Lacyn and Chloe its an honour to be a part of this great initiative and cant wait for the next episodes. I think they are going to do really well with this podcast especially with a year which has changed all of our lives with this pandemic and our livelihoods with the importance even more so than ever of finding that balance between work and home life and managing personal health and stress.” Georgie MacEchern, Caviar

    “Our industry is held together by peoples creativity and enthusiasm. A little More Conversation is an opportunity to celebrate the humanity of our trade. The sales community in advertising, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful and supportive groups in the game.” Cianán Curran, Pathfinder

    “The industry is very special and can be incredibly fulfilling and exciting, however, it's clear that some of the 'norms' that come with the industry need to be challenged. With the pandemic hitting the industry and the people in it very hard, we think it's a great time to get people talking about mental health and wellbeing and we're grateful to have the resources at Adelphoi to make the podcast happen!” Chloe Heatlie, Adelphoi Music

    Lacyn and Chloe insist they are not medical professionals, just two “enthusiastic gals” hoping to open up the conversation surrounding mental health over a cup of tea, albeit virtually for the moment. If you would like to be featured on their podcast, you can get in touch via lacyn@adelphoimusic.com and chloe@adelphoimusic.com 

    Listen to the podcast!