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    Quick Fire 15

    Elisha Smith-Leverock

    Next, up on Quick Fire 15 we caught up with award-winning Lief director Elisha Smith-Leverock. Based in Berlin, after a decade in London’s Hackney Elisha has a striking portfolio of work that tackles topics like diversity, gender stereotypes and surrealism with maturity and softness that works on-screen. 

    With a German mother and an African-American father, identity features as a prominent theme in most of her creative work and is a constant source of exploration. This fearless and intuitive approach to directing is what sets her apart and teamed with her distinctive eye for art direction and cinematography has earned her an award-winning portfolio of work for clients including AirBnB, Selfridges, Fila, Sony, and Nowness.

    Elisha shares some of the music she has been listening to in lockdown, her favourite album cover, podcast recommendations, plus lots more!

    1. What bands or artists are you listening to most right now? 

    Karriem RigginsSault, Moses Sumney.

    2. What was the first record you bought? 

    Prince 'Around The World In A Day'.

    3. Favourite podcast? 

    Throughline & Hidden Brain.

    4. Favourite album cover? 

    Prince 'Lovesexy'.

    5. What's your go-to Karaoke song? 

    Toni Braxton every time!! Unbreak My Heart. People actually leave the room.

    6. Favourite movie & soundtrack? 

    Favourite Soundtrack - 'Shaft' by Isaac Hayes.

    7. What song gets you dancing in your living room?

    8. What artist/band is your guilty pleasure?

    Bruno Mars.

    9. If you could direct a music video for any artist/band, who would it be? 


    10. What can’t you live without? 


    11. What are you reading at the moment? 

    Hannah Arendt - On Violence.

    12. What are you watching at the moment? 

    Night Stalker.

    13. Brand you would most like to work with? 

    Pyer Moss.

    14. What has got you through lockdown? 

    Vegan Fried Eggs.

    15. Anything you want to tell us about? 

    After making IN THE BLK 'Rejoice Resist' - my first narrative short film which is continuing screening at festivals this year - I am looking forward to expanding into longer-form storytelling.

    Thanks Elisha!

    Ghetto Gastro ’Triple Beam Dream’

    Somerset House x NOWNESS 'Mushrooms'