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    Quick Fire 15

    Rosie May Bird Smith

    Rosie May Bird Smith is an award-winning writer and director. Specialising in script writing, film craft and humour - she has produced a range of high-profile films for some of the world’s largest and most influential brands. This year alone she was awarded ‘best young and emerging talent’ at the British Arrows, was named on Campaign's ‘Future Leaders’ list of adland’s rising stars, and was ranked in the top three globally for best use of humour at Kinsale. Whatever guise it takes, her work is always interesting, unexpected, and personified by a certain wit, reflecting her determination to make her audience laugh, or at the very least sit up and pay attention. Her latest short 'Herd Immunity' just won best film and best director at the Papaya Films Young Directors Gala. Welcome Rosie!

    1. What was the first record you bought? 

    STEPS Gold: Greatest Hits. Still got it, still play it. 

    2. What bands or artists are you listening to most right now?

    My latest film was all about sheep, so I started listening to the Housemartins sheep song to get me in the mood. And then I remembered how good all the other ones were.. But my Spotify says Pitbull… so let’s go with that. 

    3. Your favourite podcast? 


    4. What was the last gig you saw?

    I saw Gipsy Kings last night. Truly a lifelong dream. 

    5. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

    Come on Eileen. No questions asked. 

    6. What song gets you dancing in your living room?

    Sex Met Die Kale. The Bavarian version of Sex On Fire. Will blow your mind. 

    7. Favourite movie and soundtrack?

    The Handmaid’s Tale soundtrack is off the charts. And that’s so good that each episode is basically a movie anyway. So can I have that one?

    8. If you could direct a music video for any artist or band who would it be?

    ABBA. A modern version of Gimme Gimme Gimme. Imagine the scenes. 

    9. Film director idol? 

    This week Taika Waititi. Will probably change tomorrow though. 

    10. What can’t you live without?

    Cheese. Water. Oxygen etc. 

    11. What are you reading at the moment?

    Save The Cat! Essentially a screenwriter’s bible - highly recommend. 

    12. What are you watching at the moment?

    Stranger Things like the rest of the world. Peppered with the odd bit of Better Call Saul. 

    13. Brand you would most like to work with?

    Dreamies. Hands down. All their work is 10/10. 

    14. Greatest influence on your career?

    You know what, I’m going to say the Paddington films. The direction, the cast, the cinematography, the script. It’s an underrated masterpiece. 

    15. Anything you want to tell us about? 

    I don’t have the best music taste in the world. So really sorry for these answers..